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The Wrege-Mankoff Trolley Photo Collection
Trolley Themes, Sacramento, Ca.
North Jersey Chapter, National Railway Historical Society
Tony Hall: 2651 Restoration Project
Trolleytalk, Wyoming, Ohio

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Trolley Themes, Sacramento, Ca.
McGraw-Hill, Inc., New York City

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Photo Designator Code
Each car in series is coded in text as to single or double end,
number and type of motors, seating capacity, and type of seats, as follow:

XL-Cross-seats, leather
XW-Cross-seats, wood
LL-Longitudinal, leather
LW-Longitudinal, wood
LR-Longitudinal, rattan
SM-Single end, 2 controllers (2670 and 2676)

Copyright ©1986 by Al Mankoff

ISBN 0-912113-26-X

Note: The original negatives from Volumes 1 and 2 were donated to the archives of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum at Arden. The original photographs were donated to the Research Section of the Newark Public Library.

Major Facilities Mentioned in this Book

Essex Division

Roseville Car House Located at 14th Street and Orange Street, straddling the Newark, East Orange city line. Central facility and storage yards for Orange, Central and city subway line cars.

Erie Loop and Yard Orange, N.J. at Main Street, opposite Erie Railroad Station. Overnight and weekend storage for Orange line cars.

Mississippi Loop West Orange, N.J., Orange line.

Montclair Car House (Bell Street) Maintenance and storage facility for Bloomfield line cars. Adjacent to Bell Street Loop, Montclair, N.J.

Passaic Wharf Built as a barge wharf for trans-shipping gravel and other building and maintenance materials in 1914, located at intersection of Old Plank Road (Old Lincoln Highway) and Passaic River. Storage and scrapping faciliteis were added in 1918. No rail connection existed with PS trolley lines after 1938.

Caldwell Loop Western terminus of Bloomfield line.

Newark City Subway Private right-of-way open-cut and tunnel, opened in 1935, leased by PSNJ until 1999. Still in operation.

Hudson Division

Greenville Yard and Carhouse Bounded by Custer and Gates Ave., Jersey City, west of Bergen Street. Major maintenance and storage facility serving Oakland, Jackson, South Kearny, and Federal lines.

Union City Car House Served Union City and Summit lines, located at 40th Avenue and 22nd Street, Union City.

Hoboken Terminal Elevated Structure located at Hudson River in Hoboken, N.J. eastern terminus of Hudson County lines. Bus, Trolley, and New York Ferry lines coverged here.

West Shore Terminal (Weehawken) Directly north of present Lincoln Tunnel, on river at Pershing Road.

This book is dedicated to

The "Softwear" great: Edward T. Francis, whose vision has preserved a history.

And To

The "Hardware" great: who spent over 10 years of his time, boundless energy and effort in locating, purchasing, and restoring the world's only remaining complete compromise roof car: Tony Hall.

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