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022a 2614

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2614, one of three (2614, 2666, 8006) compromise roof cars rebuilt to an experimental configuration in 1935, looks like a knight in shining red armor in this striking view taken in the City Subway in 1938. Note the horizontal window bars, unique to the three rebuilt cars and to 8008 until the war emergency cars came along in 1942 and 1943. Photo taken on March 27, 1938.

2614 takes a fast run on Bloomfield Avenue, overtaking sedan struggling mightily to hold its lead. Rebuilt 2614, 2666 and 8006 sported silent high speed trucks, exotic interior lighting and body skirting shown in above photo taken in 1941.

022c 2614

022d 2614

A later photo catches 2614 at the Norfolk Street subway station. Look closely and you can see the pole slide which replaced trolley wheels in a short-lived wartime experiment on all cars.

Rounding the City Subway curve at Lock Street, 2614 takes a deep breath before diving into the gloom of the underground. Note the extensive barbed wire security measure on the wall at the left. (DE, 4-307, 56XL)

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