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2616, outbound for Mississippi Loop, meets 8002, inbound, at Tory Corners, West Orange in mid-summer of 1942. Note the tight clearances to the right, left and in-between.

Winter slush and trees void of leaves portray a dreary February scene as 2616 coasts by Edison Junior High School, West Orange. Scene today, more than 50 years later, is little different.

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025d 2616

In a move that astonished motormen and trolley buffs alike, an excellent operating car was removed from the fleet shortly after the extension of the City Subway from Heller Parkway to Franklin Avenue, for use as a waiting room, 1940. This was a neat trick as the single-ended car had to be run in reverse from the Orange Street subway crossover during the wee hours of a Sunday morning.

Appropriately signed to display her new status, 2616 beckons to weary travelers, offering respite from the cares of the busy commuting day.

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