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Closer view of 2616 shows signs designating the car as a public waiting room at the Franklin Avenue subway terminus, formerly the North 6th Street station. "This is no place for a workhorse like me!", mutters the proud 2616.

Interior view of 2616 as a waiting room, with the port side row of seats removed. Lone passenger lounges, waiting for the next city subway car and ignoring the sumptuous snack bar occupying the rear platform and signs advertising choice gourmet delicacies such as five-cent Pepsi and Hershey bars.

026c 2616

026d 2616

The short-lived humiliation has ended as wartime traffic zoomed on all Public Service trolley lines. Here, a cheerful 2616 waits in the Roseville west yard for rehabilitation and return to active service.

"It's rough out there, boys", 2616 laments to sweeper, sand car and fellow passenger cars. "I just wasn't made for slinging hot dogs and Pepsi!". Roseville, west yard.

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