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Rounding the Erie loop on the Orange-West Orange border, the cars were sometimes stopped while suffering motormen used the platform sand box as a convenience station.

The result on hot summer days was distinctly noticeable and not very pleasant. The sand boxes contained normally dry sand which could be funneled to the left track below by a switch next to the motorman's controller box. The sand helped with braking on slippery tracks in rainy weather.

More discreet motormen would, on occasion, leave the car parked in front of the car house at 14th Street for a quick convenience stop inside, but supervisors discouraged this as it left traffic in the northbound lane tied up for blocks.

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In later years, toward the end of the war, the diamond screen window guard on 2617 was replaced by bar guards, as shown here. 1946, Roseville west yard.

Only grazing cows are missing in this bucolic view of the peaceable kingdom--the Erie Yard in Orange on a beautiful day in July, 1941. 2618 rests on layover spur, foreground, former Swamp Road (Montrose) line trackage. This scene today is totally unrecognizable, with site paved and a supermarket occupying entire area shown.

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