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Mississippi Loop hosted 2618 on this muggy May day. The movie blurb on the front dash heralded far away places, free of litter plagued loops and car yards.

2619 descends from the Hoboken Elevated structure on an outbound Summit line run. (SE, 4-307, 56XL) The car stop sign at the left is a misnomer. Pictured on the sign was a female passenger boarding an all-service vehicle, the strange hybrid trolley bus Public Service used to replace trolleys in the period from 1936 to 1940. All-service vehicles operated from double overhead wires, like a trackless trolley car, until the wire ran out, then the poles were pulled from the wire and the vehicle continued on its way as a bus. The all-service vehicles were short-lived and were replaced by buses before the end of the decade.

032c 2620

032d 2620

Car 2620 on the Springfield Avenue line, wearing the deluxe maroon, cream and gold paint used from the mid-twenties until 1936. This photo was taken on Springfield Avenue in 1937, shortly before the line converted to all-service vehicles.

In a scene hauntingly similar to the Springfield Avenue photo, the same car is shown on a run on the Orange line at 14th Street, Newark, in 1941.

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