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033a 2620

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West Orange Republican Headquarters (right) prepares to elect Wendell Willkie as president as the 1940 presidential campaign gets rolling. Oblivious to all the hoopla, 2620, having seen five presidents sworn in, wends its way to West Orange center. Scene is at Northfield Road and Main Street, White Street on the right.

Unusual view of the Erie loop provided by photographer up a tree catches 2620 rounding the loop shortly after Democrat FDR was sworn in for an unprecedented third term. January, 1941.

033c 2620

033d 2620

"Take ten", and 2620 obliges, taking a well-deserved rest on Erie layover spur. Companion in rear is 2617. (SE, 4-307, 56XL)

Sign advertises soft drinks and not the fact that the layover spur is available for tired old trolley cars. 2620 is exiting the Erie loop in the photo. The candy store at the right is now (1997) a bank. The tracks are paved over and Orange line buses turn here for the trip back to Newark.

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