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2622 was a plugger operating on the 31 South Orange line in 1930 when a strange turn of fate opened a new and glamorous life for the 13 year old car. A car barn fire at the 19th Street car house seriously damaged the car. It was rebuilt as a gas-electric Newark-Trenton Fast Line car and renumbered as 6500. The car's interior was destroyed. The burned-out hulk was towed to the Newark Shops (Plank Road). (North Jersey Chapter, NRHS)

Rear view shows exterior damage to car 2622 in photo taken on January 13, 1930. 2622, 2623 and 2629 were all rebuilt to cars 6500, 6501 and 6502. (North Jersey Chapter, NRHS)

037c 6500

037d 6500

The deluxe service provided by these rebuilds appealed to affluent Jerseyites, witness the preferred stock pitch on the dash sign in this photo taken on September 25, 1930 on private right-of-way near Milltown Junction. Opened in 1914, the Fast Line connected Newark and Elizabeth with New Brunswick and Trenton.

(Views courtesy of the North Jersey Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society)

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