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6502, ex-2629, on April 10, 1934, on the Bayway-Bonhampton line at Bonhamton Junction, south of Metuchen. Displaced Public Service triangle-in-circle logo is on body just to the rear of the motor; air vents in the roof and covered windows speak of the driving power of the unit. This photo clearly shows the unusual lines of the rebuilt cars. Note the trucks and curtained windows.

The first 6500 series car (No. 6500) began service tests on November 21, 1930. Scheduled service with the three gas-electric cars continued until November 15, 1934, when replaced by 3 gas-rail buses converted from standard street buses.

Cars were equipped with 16 double revolving chaise velour spring seats (32 passengers) and cost $49,508.42 to rebuild and convert. Scheduled speed, lower end was 15.87 MPH, maximum 42 MPH. Acceleration, 0 to 25 in 21 seconds; time to run 1,000 feet from standing start, 33 seconds.

Public Service retained the gas motors and electrical equipment at termination of service, sold bodies with seats, and scrapped the trucks in 1938. The trucks were Brill B85E1; electric motors, 2 GE1151; controllers (cars were double-ended), GES180D; compressors, 2 Westinghouse; generators: 2 GT DT 1121; gas engines 2616 YC, 160 H.P.; truck centers: 24 ' 6 "; wheel base of trucks: 4 ' 10 "; wheels: 24 ". Two 150 H.P. gasoline engines, mounted amidship, were connected to the generators, and electricity was generated in the same manner as in a gas-electric bus, directed to two electric motors connected to the car's wheels. Trucks were mounted on ball bearings and had wormgear drive. 6500 initially ran New Brunswick-Trenton and return, beginning service on December 7, 1930. Shortly thereafter, 6501 began service on the New Brunswick-Elizabeth leg of the fast line. 6502 was last to join the crew. Last operating use of a 6500 was in track and clearance trials in city subway prior to electrification and start-up of service, May, 1935. 6501 and 6502 wound up as cottages on the Delsa Drive in Clayton, N.J., 6500 as a utility shed.

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