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As the war effort deepened, shipyards and factories expanded their work forces, creating severe transit shortages. Fortunately, Public Service had dozens of usable trolleys in storage at the Passaic Wharf facility, sent there when the lines were equipped with all-service vehicles in the late 1930's. Though all tracks connecting the Wharf with the remaining trolley lines had been paved over or torn up, the company managed to retrieve the trolleys by loading them on flat-bed trucks and delivering single-end cars to the Essex Division (with some exceptions) and double-end cars to the Hudson Division.

The transfer operation was lengthy and tedious, but it served the purpose. The trolleys were refurbished with longitudinal wooden slat seats running the length of the car body on each side and with fresh new paint. Here, car 2624 is shown on its journey from a six-year storage at the Wharf to the Roseville Car House east yard, for rehab and return to service on the 21 Orange line.

2624 was placed in storage in 1937 and moved to Roseville in 1943. Here, the car body rests on ties prior to being slid on greased beams to rest directly above the trucks on an adjacent track.

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Sixty-two cars made the long journey by flatbed truck from the Passaic Wharf to either Roseville car house in Newark or to the Greenville car house in Jersey City, from the spring of 1943 to October 1944. Note circular patch marking location of the rear headlight when the car was rebuilt to single-end operation in 1927.

With the truck bed removed, 2624 is rising on jacks to the stacked cross ties. The car still bears its original chrome yellow paint scheme featured when new in 1916.

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