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041a 2624

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The majority of the 2600, 2700, and 2800 series cars in storage were equipped with longitudinal rattan covered seats which weathered poorly in the cold, damp, humid storage sheds on the Passaic River. The rehab work replaced the original seats with longitudinal varnished wooden slat seats.

Here, a greased oaken beam provides a slippery guideway for winching a 22 ton car body in position over the trucks for the car, brought to Roseville on a separate flat-bed truck.

041c 2624

041d 2624

The rear of the body is in position over the king pin of the rear truck set of the car, ready for descent and insertion.

Final product of the master craftsmen at the Roseville shops, 2624 gleams on its maiden run on the 21 Orange line. Here, a school girl boards the shiny car at Tory Corners, West Orange, in July, 1943.

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