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043a 2626

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This rare photo shows 2626 languishing in the storage shed at the Passaic Wharf in 1940. Last used in scheduled service on the 25 Springfield line in 1937, the car was covered with dust inside and out and retained the original interior fittings and varnished wood as built in 1917. (SE, 4-307, 50LR)

The rear platform of 2626 shows the accumulated grime from years of storage. Interiors were like museums, left exactly as they were on the last day of operation. Car ad signs, newspapers added to the nostalgia of the sad scene.

043c 2626

043d 2626

2626 gets a free ride along Hunterdon Street in Newark, a road that never saw a trolley line. June, 1942.

The H.A. Jaeger Company became specialists in trolley hauling. The unique project was the subject of an article in Truckers' Magazine.

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