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048a 2627

048b 2628

Victim of an arsonist at the Erie yard, 2627 was towed to the Roseville west yard, shown here. Car was scrapped in August, 1939. (SE, 4-307,56XL) One record maintains that rear platform was panelled off and salt bins installed for combination passenger and/or salt operation, but this photo cannot confirm this. If true, this would be a one-only experiment.

In this rare photo, 2628 is turning into the Cedar Street subway, Newark, on the last day of operation of the 43 Jersey City line.

048c 268

048d 2628

2628 takes a wide swing out of the Erie loop inbound for Newark as 8004 heads inward. (SE, 4-307,56XL)

Rush hour is beginning and 2628 leads 3254 outbound as 8015 heads for the city.

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