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049a 2628

049b 2628

Motorman checks rear clearance as 2628, arrow high. rolls into Erie loop.

Deluxe single-end cars were comfortable to ride. The plush leather seats, amply spaced, were seldom defaced and almost never slashed. Graffiti was extremely rare. Here's the interior of 2628.

049c 2628

049d 2628

Fresh from the paint line at Roseville, 2628 takes the curve in front of the First Presbyterian Church at West Orange center. Note snow on the roof. The original design for the cars included glass clerestory windows, but snow removal efforts smashed too many and leakage was a major problem.

Solid panels soon replaced the glass. Here, windows are open to summer breeze and 2628 starts inbound run at the loop on Mississippi Avenue in West Orange, 1942.

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