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2631 shares a single-track right of way with afternoon traffic. Every Hudson County line remaining after the mass substitution of trolleys by all-service vehicles included stretches of single-track operation. (SE, 4-307, XL).

Inbound to the Hoboken terminal on a misted, snowy January morning, 2631 descends the long elevated grade. Here, the use of the hand brake was required, supplementing air brakes on this grade. Motorman was required to test the brake at the edge of the Palisades precipice before the descent began. The clattering, ratchiting sound of the releasing brake as the downward journey began often startled sleeping passengers as the unlocked brake wheel spun wildly.

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Jackson line car 2632 at Pavonia Avenue after its descent from the elevated. Photo taken in 1940. During the war a layover yard was constructed on either side of the service tracks at this location.

2632 greets the bright morning sun, leaving the Journal Square terminal (SE, 4-307, 56XL).

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