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053a 2633

053b 2633

Rare photograph of 2633 on the Dover Street wye in 1920, before the loop at the Newark-South Orange border was built. Here, the car was still in its double-end configuration. The line continued northward to South Orange center and on to Maplewood. The Maplewood extension was abandoned on March 3, 1935. NRHS photo.

Still sporting a Maplewood destination sign, paint slowly deteriorating, 2633 enjoys a brief pullout from the Passaic Wharf storage shed in September, 1939. (SE, 4-307, 50LR)

053c 2633

053d 2633

Resurrected, 2633, its red arrow high, waits on the Roseville east storage track for its wartime return to service.

The roof signs reflect names of lines long since equipped with the ubiquitous all-service vehicle. Note the absence of window guards. The car, as shown here, was as originally built, with a varnished cherrywood interior and rattan longitudinal seats. The only change subsequently made after initial out-shopping was to a single-end configuration and the addition of a headlight shield in Tuscan red.

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