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058a 2636

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Trolleys moving along the unfenced sections of the elevated seemed, from the inside, to be flying through the air like a crude Star-Trek craft. Here, 2636 hovers high above the street as it nears the brink of the Palisades downgrade.

Approaching Jackson Avenue line turnout, 2636 slows for a meet with inbound 2641. 1940.

058c 2636

058d 2636

Early morning commuter braves rain to catch inbound 2636 on the Jackson line. Note lifeguard beneath front dash. When the hanging barrier encountered an obstacle on the track, the impact triggered the fall of a scoop located under the rear of the platform, which then safely picked up the person, animal or other object on the tracks.

Journal Square terminal echoes the throbbing of the air compressor and the deep, sad sigh of the air brakes as 2636 prepares to head around the curve and out for its Jackson line run.

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