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059a 2636

059b 2637

Short layover at Greenville loop catches 2636 with windows open to a humid summer clime. Only the lightning arrester on the forward roof and the roof sign itself mar the smooth roof line.

Wearing deluxe maroon paint, 2637 makes the turn from Wilson Avenue to Avenue L on the last day of service on the 31 South Orange line, November 26, 1936.

059c 2637

059d 2637

With no witnesses to say goodbye, the shadows lengthen as 2637 rolls toward the setting sun.

Four years later, dressed in new yellow finery with classy striping plus nifty, fancy front platform roof lights, 2637 takes a jolly jaunt along the Summit line in Hudson County. The year is 1940, and new windows guards have been installed. (SE, 4-307, 56XL).

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