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It's a chummy chat between two old friends as 2637 and 2631 pass an idle hour at the Union City car house in 1940. Both cars were based at the Hilton car house in the mid-30's and served on the 31 South Orange line until the end of trolley service in 1936.

2637 makes a fast getaway from the Hoboken terminal to begin the long climb up the face of the Palisades on the great iron trestle on a blistering summer day in July, 1941. Summit line.

060c 2638

060d 2638

The Hudson County jail overlooks 2638 gaining speed after descending from the Hoboken El at Pavonia Avenue in Jersey City, 1940. (SE, 4-307, XL).

Cobblestone paving imparts a nostalgic touch as 2638 boards a lone passenger before taking off for the Hoboken terminal. Scene is at the Greenville loop at Gates Avenue in Jersey City, 1940.

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