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Transport to Ringoes and placement of the car in a stillborn carbarn was smooth and without problems. In April we began to replace the roof with marine plywood and rebuild all of the pertinent fixtures. Next came refinishing of the exterior, as our primer had begun to weather over the previous winter. Currently we are putting the finishing touch to the 64 window sashes. Next steps will include interior work and extensive rebuilding of the end platform floors, roofs, and, at one end, the center posts. This, in addition to the continuing search for seats, trucks (C-50P), and running gear.

Assuming no outside help we project 1976 for completion of the body as we have it. Additional hardware will come when available and will doubtless delay fmal completion until sometime thereafter.

Currently, we are three determined workers working Saturdays and Sundays either at the car site, a commute of 40 miles each way, or at my home where we can work on window sashes indoors and avoid winter's worst weather.

Visitors, volunteers and contributors are most welcome. We solicit any equipment which can be used on the car, and while we accept donations (members of the North Jersey Chapter NHRS contributed generously for the move of the car to Ringoes), we also buy many of the things we need and now are in search of rattan walk-over seats (20), C-50P trucks, K-35 controllers, and everything dse it takes to transform a country cabin to a running rail car.

Tony has managed to find seven photographs of 2651 taken before her rediscovery in 1953 These include the photos appearing in this book. If readers know of any additional photos, or would like to support Tony's effort at Ringoes, they can reach him at 756 Bryant Street, in Rahway, New Jersey, 07065. Tony has also provided a list of known ex-Public Service trolleys that existed as of 12/31/74:

2431..........At Branford Trolley Museum
5221..........Newark City Subway Line Car---oldest trolley in New Jersey, built in 1912.
5223..........Formerly car 2683, now subway flat car.
3271..........Used as a cabin in Jackson Township, NJ, vandalized, then bought and cannibalized for 2651 restoration.
2745..........Near Boonton---same fate as 3271.

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