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Here, 2651, the false roof removed, rides a flatbed truck over a plowed field, heading for the Black River museum and eventual restoration. Note the compromise roof clerestory panels, originally glass. Years of squirrel droppings under the false roof created an overwhelming foul odor. The deposits required weeks of work under stultifying conditions. (All 2651 photos courtesy of Tony Hall).

The car body at rest at Ringoes wearing the primer coat of paint during the first stage of restoration in March, 1974.



The interior of 2651 as the restoration begins in earnest. Tony Hall also located and acquired the bodies of 2745 and 3271, but the cars were much too deteriorated for restoration. Parts of the cars were cannibalized for the 2651 project. In 1974, 3271 was located in Jackson Township, New Jersey.

With the interior compromise roof restoration complete, the inside work progresses nicely. 1976, at Ringoes.

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