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2652 on the South Kearny line. This odd combination of the original paint scheme and the 1936 v-stripe design produced an unattractive hybrid that belonged to neither era. The dark red doors and yellow and cream body contrasted in a bizarre way as shown here.

Note that the front of the car reflects a slap-dash attempt to modernize the car with a minimum of cosmetic effort. This came about due to the drastic need for additional equipment due to the heavy demand on the shipyard lines, which required only double-ended trolleys.

The stored cars at the Passaic Wharf were originally reworked at that site in the proper manner, but service demands required immediate action and the last cars returned to service received a minimum restoration, with a full repainting postponed until regular maintenance schedules could be developed while the cars were pressed into immediate operation.

Unusual paint combinations disappeared after the rush to return stored cars to service eased and regular maintenance cycle began to phase in. Good old ugly Jersey City soot mixes with fresh snow to make this winter scene.



Autos slip and skid, but the guided way holds true as 2652 cuts through the winter slush. (DE, 4-514, 54LW).

The war has ended and 2652 waits for the next turn of fate as the cosmic dice roll. Greenville yard on a rainy Sunday morning in 1946.

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