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Gaining speed for the Hoboken on-ramp at Palisades Avenue, Jersey City, 2663 leans to the task.

2664 does not appear here as it was rebuilt to 8000 in 1935.

2665 heads for the Hudson Place Terminal on the Summit line in 1941. Hudson Division trolley routes were numbered as in the Essex Division, but the route numbers were not displayed on the platform roof with a large blue metal sign with the route number in white, as on the Essex lines. Roof destination sign provided the only indication of the route on which the Hudson County cars operated. (SE, 4-307, 56XL).

Deck roof car 2431, now at the Branford Trolley Museum in New Haven, has been equipped with a numbered blue and white platform roof sign and wears it with a Union City sign wooden roof sign. Though the route number is correct, this is not authentic but is the privilege of the museum operators.



2666, above, with 2614 and 8006, was rebuilt in "deluxe modern" configuration with body skirting, silent truckss and dome interior lighting. 2614 and 2666, as in this view, served the Bloomfield line, 8006 the Orange line. 2666 and 2614 were equipped with heavy reversible leather seats, 8006 with longitudinal, sectioned leather seats and enamel stanchions.

2666 caught outbound in the Newark City Subway, east of the Norfolk Street station, photographed from the rear platform of inbound 2628. (DE, 4-307, 56XL).

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