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"Watch out, world! Here I come!", announces 2669 on maiden trip after repainting in 1941. In pre-war days, Public Service adhered to high shop standards and periodic maintenance and overhaul policies. Pull-ins were relatively rare as a result.

Felt-hatted working man treads on cigarette as 2669 slows for Newark Avenue station stop on the Jackson line. (SE, 4-307, 56XL).



Poised to make another nickel for the company, 2669 accomodates waiting workman.

2670 rambles along Main Street in Orange, outbound for the Mississippi loop in West Orange.

The large building in the background is the Orange YMCA, where "Two-Ton" Tony Galento, world champion boxer, often trained, intimidating, among others, the senior author of this book. He'd bop you on the arm in the showers if you were smaller than he was, and author (and others) were no match for his enormous bulk. What a delight it was to see Joe Louis give him all that back! The bombastic Galento owned a popular Orange gin-mill. Not at all a pleasant character, Galento maintained good press relations as he lived a buffoon's life.

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