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A study in shadows as 2670 inbound passes outbound flivver on Main Street, Orange, in 1940.

A U.S. Army field piece draws stares from the ladies at Tory Corners, West Orange, as 2670 rolls on by in the summer of 1942.



Litter lines the gutter in a later photo of 2670 on Main Street at Tory Corners in West Orange. The Ben Franklin 5&10 on the left provided excellent trolley-viewing from the roof by young adventurers. Main Street is now paved over and lined with trees on both sides.

Is that Donald O'Connor stepping out to board 2670? Unlikely. Galluses worn by motorman tell us it's Patrick Reilley, veteran of the Swamp Road line flood that ended trolley service on that rural line between Orange and South Orange. Reilley spun rich tales of the early days of the Public Service operation. "Ah, the trolley that swam like a fish", he said of the car he abandoned in the flash flood as the water rose over the windows and passengers slipped into the water, to swim to safety.

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