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Unusual view of Tory Corners, West Orange, from the lawn of Washington Elementary School, catches 2670 rounding the curve. (Semi-SE, 4-307, 56XL, 1W platform bench, seating 3)

In the days before automatic camera shutters, difficult indoor shots were "by guess and by God". Here, 2671 snuggles close to mates in Passaic Wharf storage shed in 1940. (SE, 4-307, LR)



2671, a genuine museum piece by now, was not equipped with window guards and did not have red stop arrow installed, an indication of how long the car has been out of service and in storage. Shown at Roseville, east yard, shortly after transfer from the Passaic Wharf in 1944.

There's a bleak outlook for these survivors as the war fortunes of the Allies brightened overseas. As the second front opened with the D-Day invasion of France, the prospect of a return to service for these trolleys began to dim. These cars made it, others did not..

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