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2671 (left) and 2682 head lines of cars trucked in from the Passaic Wharf in mid-1944, shown at Roseville east yard, shortly after arrival. 2671 was scrapped at the Federal Iron & Salvage Company yard on the Passaic River on March 18, 1951.

Shooosh!, goes the air brake, the doors close, and 2672 proceeds enroute on the Jackson line in the summer of 1941. (SE, 4-307, 56XL).



Rollin' along with the sun, 2672 bests a struggling Plymouth sedan in a daring morning race along Bergen Avenue in Jersey City.

2672 ignores passengers waiting in the street at the intersection for a braking inbound car. The Jersey City medical center, Mayor Frank Sprague's gift to his mother and to the people of Jersey City, is in the far distance.

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