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Extraordinary wheel-spoke wire work at the Greenville loop steals the thunder from 2672's debut with a fresh coat of paint from the Greenville shops.

Ambling along, 2672 seems unmindful of all-service vehicle bringing up the distant rear.



"Where's the rest of me?"--2673 parodies Ronald Reagan's "Gipper" in film, "Knute Rockne". "The rest of me" was on a flatbed truck, heading for points south, as a torch at the Passaic Wharf scrap yards dispatched the front and rear platforms of the car.

2673 car body, minus the platforms, departs from the Passaic Wharf for a long haul to the Trenton area to become a waiting room for bus passengers in September, 1939. (SE, 4-307, 54LR)

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