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It's late afternoon of a desultory winter's day and 2674 rolls by the new Red Barn restaurant on Main Street while Mayflower fights a savage sea.

A Passaic Wharf wartime rehab, 2675 delights in new freedom on its maiden run on the Orange line in 1943. (SE, 4-307, 56LW).



Impeccable in bright yellow and cream, 2675 looks every inch better than new, caught here inbound on the Orange line at Tory Corners, Main Street and Prospect Place. Schneider Hardware store in background was still there in 1997, still selling hardware in a quaint family business with creaking wooden floors and shelves packed with goods.

The months have passed and as summer fades and winter's grip comes on, the glitter dims and 2675 becomes another work horse. Non-sectioned varnished wood slat seats created interesting encounters when fast stops would send passengers sliding the length of the car.

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