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Crushed glass and splintered wood are mute evidence of the violent end of 2675's faithful years of service. Cars slated for scrapping were cut into 3 sections at the Roseville yard and trucked to the scrap site owned by Federal Iron & Salvage at Lockwood Street on the Passaic River.

Only the touch of the torch remains as upended body sections await the final agony of fire. The million-mile adventure ends here.



Wearing faded deluxe maroon paint, 2676 waits on the Roseville west yard storage track for wartime rehab to begin.

Note the missing platform window post, reminding us that rehab meant more than new paint. Missing roof signs, decayed seats, missing steps and rope retrievers, rusted steel and dead components all needed repair or replacement.

The miracle-making shopmen at the Roseville Barn have done the job. Here is 2676, fully restored and operational, passing in review at 14th Street on the Newark/East Orange border, escorted by an elegant Plymouth sedan. (SE, 4-307, 54LW) (SM)

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