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Route sign cocked at a jaunty angle, 2679 is ready to greet passengers on its next scheduled run on the 21 Orange line. Roseville, west yard, 1945. The car was scrapped at the Federal Iron & Salvage yard on March 18, 1951. (SE, 4-307, 54LW)

The scene is at the end of the 39 Harrison line on the last day of trolley service before the switch to all-service vehicle operation. 2680 wears the deluxe maroon with cream trim.



Six years later, and 2680 is operating on the 23 Central line. Motorman is forward, raising the pole for the return trip to Penn Station. He will shortly walk to this end to draw the pole down.

Snow drifts on the compromise roof as bearded 2680 maintains speed on winter Central line run, inbound, at South Oraton Parkway, now the route of the Garden State Parkway.

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