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A rare photo in the Roseville shop as repairs begin to 2680 after a platform collision took out the car's front end.

Other work took priority, so 2680 was removed from the shop with new platform framing in place and temporarily spent a few days in the fresh sunlight. Roseville, west yard.



It's now January 25, 1954 and 2680, one of the last compromise roof cars still in service on the 7 City Subway line, is loaded on a flatbed truck for the final journey to the Federal Iron & Salvage Company scrap yard on the Passaic River.

Scene is at the WarrenStreet entrance to the Newark City Subway. Next day, the PCC's from the Twin Cities Rapid Transit Company in Minneapolis took over and a new era in the subway's history began.

8008 was the last compromise roof car to operate in the City Subway. NRHS photo.

Hard-earned rest for 2681 in maroon paint comes at the Bell Street, Montclair, car house in 1940. Note the curving overhead.

The Bell Street carhouse was unique in that it curved to the north at about the halfway mark. Today it is a bowling alley and U.S. Army recruiting station, the tracks still in place but paved over. (DE, 4-307, 56XL)

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