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2681 and 2735 wait in the shadows of the Bell Street car house. A common characteristicshared by carhouses and airplane hangars was the incessant sound of chirping birds--choiping boids, in Jersey City--who built their nests high in the rafters. The chirping--choiping--echoed night and day.

A short layover at the Bell Street loop ends as the motorman moves to his controller to begin his inbound Bloomfield line trip. 2681 was scrapped in April, 1954, at the Roseville west yard.



A very rare photo from a school safety booklet shows car 2682 in 1925, before it was rebuilt to a single end configuration. 27 Mount Prospect line.

2682 hunkers down as the Passaic Wharf weeds reach for the sky during the long pre-war hibernation. Intermittent gaps between the sheds sent shafts of brilliant sunlight slicing through the eternal gloom. Weeds always followed. (DE, 4-307, 54LR)

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