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The liberation of 2682 coincided with the liberation of the French Coast in June of 1944. Last trolleys delivered never saw active service and were scrapped at the site on December 26, 1946

Joined by 2692 (at left), 2738, 2745 and others, the last contingent of Passaic Wharf cars rests with 2682 after the truck ride through the Newark city streets. When these cars left, the Wharf facility stood empty and unused. Not long after, the sheds were ripped down and the facility was closed.

The last cars scrapped there were 3525, used as a waiting room for the 34 Market line bus which terminated at the Wharf beneath the Passaic River bridge, the old North Jersey Rapid Transit Company's two Jewett-built cars used as utilitysheds at the Wharf, and the few pieces of remaining work equipment.

The site today is occupied by a trucking company and the only remaining structure is the small administration building still standing on the east side of Doremus Avenue.


Caked with grime, the cars looked like orphans of the storm. Inside, steps raised dust and a musty odor pervaded. The cars as they appear in this photo were operable and could have made the trip from the Passaic Wharf to Roseville on their own if the tracks were still in place.

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