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2683 lolls along Main Street in West Orange on a drizzly day in 1946. The car spent most of its later working life in passenger service on the Bloomfield line, but saw occasional spells on the Orange line.

2683 takes on a heavy load of passengers, adding the to standees already on board. Author once counted 178 passengers aboard a longitudinal seat 2600 car at Penn Station. Scene is at 14th Street, Newark, across from the Roseville Car House.



Totally unaware of the unique role that fate held in store for it, 2683 exits the Roseville west yard enroute to West Orange on maiden voyage after a dazzling paint job by Roseville shop wizards.

Shoppers are not exactly crowding the stores as the yule season opens on Bloomfield Avenue. Autos are nowhere to be seen as 2683 coasts through dreamlike landscape on a Saturday morning in December, 1940.

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