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Unsung hero, Fiori DiRosa, cleaned trolley interiors nightly at the Erie Yard in Orange., working from 7pm to 3am. A proud man, DiRosa raised a large family on lean wages of the time. An Italian immigrant who spoke very broken English., DiRosa loved grand opera and when author appeared on occasional night visits, his baritone would ring through the empty cars as both of us swung mops in tune with the great Italian masters. He was a friend.

Motorman Tommy Philips opens up 8006 on a fast run from Park Avenue, West Orange, to Tory Corners. Philips, a fun-loving lothario, attracted young women up and down the line. Author, riding front platform with Philips one night on 3215 on the City Subway line outbound to then-terminua Heller Parkway, noticed lone passenger, a very attractive young woman, eyeing Philips from the front seat. "That's my girl", Philips said. "When we get to Heller Parkway, I'm going to take her down to the gin mill a couple of blocks from the station and buy her a beer; you take the car down to the end of the line and change ends and meet us back herer in 20 minutes!" Thus, a 14 year-old kid with no training learned the inner workings of the motorman's trade. Years later, I learned that there was no "gin mill" anywhere near the station, but many spots for a brief tryst on a dark night.

The Johnson fare box shown above (Type "J") and International solenoid-operated overhead registers became available October 27, 1923 and became standard equipment on Public Service cars. They were used until the 7 cent fare came during the war years. The pay enter/pay leave reversible signs were installed and in use as of October 1, 1923 after the Board of P.V. Commissioners proposed and Public Service accepted on September 27, 1923, a 5 cent fare for any continuous trip within the city limits of Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth and Camden--with no transfers. Additional nickel collected to the end of previous single fare limits in suburban towns.

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