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Past Life

Ageless Wisdom:
The Timeless Psychology

by Al Mankoff


© Copyright, 1976, 1997, 1998, 1999 by Al Mankoff.

Certain portions of this manuscript are based on material originally appearing in the magazine, The Beacon, published by Lucis Press, Ltd. London. Other material, appearing in Chapter 14, is reproduced from works of Alice Bailey, and appears with the permission of the publishers, The Lucis Publishing Company, of New York City. To these sources, and to the helpers, both seen and unseen, who brought this book to physical reality, we are now and will forever be, most deeply grateful. -- The Author

Audrey, my loving companion through all time.


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1. Humankind in Transition 6. The Astral Body 11. Rebirth
2. Human Consciousness 7. Reincarnation and Karma 12. Humanity at the Threshold
3. The Nature of Humankind 8. Human Birth, Infancy, Adolescence and Growth 13. The Years to Come
4. The Etheric Body 9. The Creative Nature of Human Thought 14. The Great Invocation
5. The Chakras 10. Human Death and the After Death Life 15. A Student's Affirmation

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1. Humankind in Transition

In the time that it takes you to read this sentence, tens of thousand of lives are ending and tens of thousands of lives are coming into being in the universe you call your body. Unknown, unseen, unnoticed, this process has continued since you became who you are.

You, the central divinity of the countless lesser lives within you, at this moment, stand on the threshold of new knowledge. You are about to learn who you are, why you are here, and what you are to become in the centuries ahead. You are about to learn of the fact of your own divinity.

We live in an age of transition. Nothing that has been, or is now, will ever be the same. Things are going "bump" in our psychological night. The classical psychologist is lying in the dark with his eyes wide open, listening, and more than a little uncertain about all those strange sounds that are coming to him.

The field of psychology is on the trembling edge of a quaquaversal advance. Those who don't believe it simply have not been aware of what has been happening.

We are standing on the shore of a vast and unexplored sea, smug Balboas with our toes snuggled in the warm sand, about to be catapulted into a future in which humankind is the universe turned outside in, or the universe is humankind turned inside out.

We know that dramatic things are happening, that we are living and working in the midst of extraordinary changes in our concepts of the nature of humankind. Enough has been written in recent years about the seeming inadequacy of the scientific method to grapple with the enigma of the strange experiences related by the pioneers who are bringing back tales of not one or two, but literally dozens of "other realities." It is unmistakably clear that humankind stands now on the threshold of a new age, a new civilization, and a new mode of being.

What is the nature of this thrust? Where will it take us? What maps, if any, exist today, to guide us? By what stars do we chart our course? Who among us is the Newton, the Copernicus of the New Age?

These are some of the questions which we will explore in this book, for there exist little known maps, there are guidelines--guidelines which have been largely overlooked or ignored until now. Long ago, at the very dawn of our Western civilization, the Roman philosopher, Seneca, said, "the time will come when our posterity will wonder at the ignorance of things so plain." Seneca is about to be vindicated.

Interestingly enough, there is a great body of information available to us today, carried down through the centuries in various forms, in religious, philosophical, and oral tradition, often transmitted in secrecy during times of oppression, known as the "Ancient, or Ageless Wisdom," or the "mysteries," describing and explaining much of the phenomena puzzling current psychological researchers and skeptics.

The Wisdom also offers a body of information which could serve as guideline for the development of hypotheses as to the nature of man and mind, if examined objectively and without prejudice. This thesis will map our potential future by presenting the major concepts of the ancient wisdom and relating them to modern psychology. We will offer speculation as to the future thrust of the science of psychology and what this means to you, whether you are a layman or a professional. We will also offer researchers creative alternatives to their efforts to build upon the past, and to explore the future.

The changes began in earnest in the third decade of the twentieth century, when a Tibetan Master, Djwahl Kuhl, seeking to accelerate the evolution of a new psychology, directed a disciple of his, Roberto Assagioli, to develop the concept of what became Psychosynthesis. Assagioli, wise in the ways of the world, knew that if such profound changes were to come about successfully, a source such as a remote "Tibetan Master" could never be credited. To do otherwise would bring ridicule and scandal to the pioneering effort, so Assagioli developed what he later called "The Wall of Silence." Only a small handful of his trusted students were to know the true inspiration of his work. The secret came close to dying with them as, one by one, they passed on.

Assagioli's work will overshadow all that we write as we examine the concept of energy from the standpoint of the ancient knowledge; the nature and the purpose of the human body in the physical world: the idea of the "energy" or "bio-plasmic" body, as well as the "astral" and the mental" bodies.

We will examine the concept of Karma and reincarnation as psychological imperatives; the physiological and metaphysical processes of birth, life, thought, sex, death; the after-death states, and, finally, the future implications of this information for the layman and the serious scientist or psychologist not closed to reasonable conjecture concerning some of the shibboleths of the field.

In an article in Psychology today, Stanley Krippner wrote that "Parapsychology is an idea whose time has come." While this may be so, we may soon discover that parapsychology and all its related phenomena may be nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

Dr. Leonid Vasiliev, the noted physiologist at Leningrad University, once said, "The discovery of the energy associated with psychic events will be as important, if not more important, than the discovery of atomic energy." In this statement, Vasiliev gives us a subtle clue that few among us have as yet recognized. He is saying that psychic events in themselves, as remarkable as they may be, are unimportant without an understanding of the energy which underlies them.

The message is clear, if we have the courage to listen. Vasiliev is telling us that the science of fifty or a hundred years from now will be a science of the study of energies. Psychology itself will become a discipline of the study of the origin, nature, characteristics, transmission, distribution, and the effects of the fundamental energy which underlying all living things, as it differentiates, plays upon, and affects humankind. This, essentially, is the message Assagioli left for us to decipher.

Nathaniel Branden has defined science as "the rational and systematic study of the facts of reality." He defines psychology as the science that "studies the attributes and characteristics which certain living organisms possess by virtue of being conscious."

These are adequate definitions, considering the one reality we've been comfortable with for the past few thousands of years, but with the discovery of new and different realities, a new and more inclusive definition is necessary, and that definition must account for causes as well as for effects.

We can say this because the evidence is streaming in from all sides, suggesting that we live immersed in a universal field of energy. We are that energy. The atoms of our body have been formed of that energy and were present at the very beginning of time as we know it. We are a part of a vast living grid of consciousness having no end and no beginning.

Dr. Anatoly Podshibiyan, a Russian electrophysicist, found after he charted acupuncture points that the "bioplasma" of his subjects reacted instantly to changes on the surface of the sun at the exact moment that sunspots or solar flares erupted there, even though the cosmic particles ejected by the sun take close to forty eight hours to reach the earth.

Arthur Koestler describes physicists who have found that electrons keep jumping from one orbit to a different orbit without passing through intervening space, as if the earth were suddenly transformed into the orbit of Mars without having to travel."

Don Juan, as quoted by Carlos Castenada, has called the world we look at every day "only a description," and with this statement, is simply echoing Vasiliev. Spinoza believed that "there is but one infinite, eternal substance." This he called, "God"-but he did not see his "God" as an anthropomorphic or personal being, but rather as a kind of universal consciousness, or mind, or energy.

Plotinus and Stanley Krippner also seem to be in some kind of general agreement. The older philosopher termed the primal cause of all things as the "One," transcending all existence and not cognizable by reason or by the scientific method. Plotinus saw the primal energy as raying out an image of itself, "becoming the system of ideas from which all creation issues."

The Vedas speak of the One Force as the subtle essence in which all beings have their existence.

If Krippner, Plotinus, and the Vedas--and many other sources, by the way, are on target, then the concept of separateness, of individual isolation, like so much else these days, is simply another illusion. Further, it would seem that every thing, every form, every organism, as well as all aspects of life, must be intimately related, sharing in some mysterious and as yet unproved way the vast circulatory life of the universe, the solar system, and the planet, as it streams into, through, and out of every living thing.

If we can accept as a basic working hypothesis that all forms in nature are interrelated through a field of energy, and that the forms themselves are concentrated energy fields, interacting and evolving, we are taking the first giant step toward defining a new paradigm for scientific research. From this we can postulate the process of differentiation and of manifestation, for the awareness of the process itself is what we term "consciousness."

Clairvoyants insist that the physical body of the individual human being and of the planet itself, may be seen as part of one vast "etheric" or "bioplasmic," or "energy" body--Krippner's "field"--a vast web or network of energy, holding everything together in one great cohesive, coherent expression, with lines of light passing from form to form in a breathlessly beautiful weaving, winding, flowing movement, constantly and unceasingly passing on and into and through all that is. And there is not one single atom in the body which is not the recipient of this living, moving energy, not one single form that is not kept in shape or in livingness by the determined inflow and outflow. And, if this is so, then no part of the body of manifestation, planetary or individual, is not in complex and complete touch with all others. From this, we can understand how a solar flare can create an instant response within a human organism ninety-three million miles distant.

2. Human Consciousness

This vast web of energy interconnected in life and in time represents a field of intelligent consciousness. On the human level, the consciousness of the physical body is the aggregate of the consciousness of every physical cell within the body, and is likewise a combination of the different natures or states of consciousness of the many differentiated cells within the organs of the body. This is the clue to the startling results of autonomic control of bodily functions and organs.

Similarly, our human consciousness in its totality, the aggregate consciousness of humanity as a whole, relates with and contributes to a greater consciousness for which we have as yet no name.

If we keep in mind a simple statement known to mystics for centuries, and if we can view the statement as a scientific postulate, we open the door to profound possibilities concerning the true nature of man and of the universe. That statement is, "As above, so below," or its converse, "As below, so above."

The concept may possibly have its greatest application in terms of analogy, although many mystics insist on an absolutely literal interpretation--that we, each human being, is in truth a cell in the body of a Greater Being.

Is it so difficult to conceive of the energy which pours through and animates all living forms as the life of a Superior Entity of some kind? We see the life of the cells in our body; we know that cells live and die, reproduce, and in their aggregate form organs, limbs, muscles, blood and bone.

By the law of correspondence, is it far-fetched to see the human being as a conscious "cell" within a greater" form, or human consciousness in its aggregate as comprising an "organ." within that greater form? After all, if our clinical researchers can spend lifetimes drawing analogies between the behavior and health of rats and the behavior and health of human beings, why can we not feel comfortable with the cosmic analogy?

The Universal Life is permeated with energy. It is energy. The only evidence we have at the present time of the basic, primal energy is the wave phenomena of light.

Must we leave such conjecture to mystics and philosophers alone? Not at all. Harvard's astronomer and science historian, Owen Gingerich, says, "There might be noncausal things in the world. It is only people with tunnel vision who think that our science will go on in linear fashion." Abraham Maslow was rather more concise. He saw mystery, ambiguity, illogic, contradiction, and transcendent experience equally as important as rationality, logic, and Aristotelian realism, in the pursuit of knowledge.

Richard Bucke's study of cosmic consciousness was an early psychological breakthrough. F.W.N. Meyer's Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death, another. The ultimate breakthrough came with the Council Groves, Kansas, Conference on Voluntary Control of Inner States, co-sponsored in 1969 by the Menninger Foundation and the Association for Humanistic Psychology.

Willis Harmon called the development of Third Force Psychology the "Science of Man's Subjective Experience," and predicted that it would incorporate the most penetrating insights of psychology, the humanities, and religion, thus confirming Pierre Teilhard deChardin's statement, "After close on two centuries of passionate struggle, neither science nor faith has succeeded in discrediting its adversary. On the contrary, it becomes obvious that neither can develop normally without the other, and the reason is simple--the same life animates both. Neither in its impetus nor its achievements can science go to the limits without becoming tinged with mysticism and charged with faith."

The Timeless Psychology deals with energy and with consciousness as a form of energy. It is said that consciousness exists in all things, but that in the mineral consciousness is sleeping. In the plant, it is asleep, but dreaming; in the animal, it is awake, but it is not aware of "self." In the human being, consciousness is, at last, fully awake, and for the first time, aware of self.

It is this awareness, indeed, that makes us truly human. Poetic as this seems, more and more laboratories are reporting data that seems to say that whatever consciousness really is, it is a universal and diversified reality.

Writing of their journeys behind the Iron Curtain in Psychic Magazine, Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder said of the scientists they met, "Energy was a word we heard often, a sort of password to open discussion with scientists in almost every branch of psychic research. They were working to uncover new reactions of known energies, or in many cases to uncover a new dimension, a new kind of energy."

And Stanley Krippner, in Psychology Today, has written, "Some physicists are talking about particles that are unstable in time and space that bring up the possibility that there are different time universes. Other scientists are talking about the application of information theory to biological systems. The resulting field effects might help to explain telepathy and clairvoyance. Still others are talking about electromagnetic and electrostatic fields that surround the human body."

3. The Nature of Humankind

In the process of initial differentiation, the basic or primal energy manifests in seven orders of "density," more commonly known as "planes" of existence. The physical plane, the world we as humanity live in know consciously, is the most "dense," consisting of atoms of matter and quanta of energy ordered by time.

The physical plane is known as the "lowest" of the planes because the vibrational rate of its constituent atoms and quanta has the slowest "frequency" of the seven planes. All that we can see in the physical universe is of the slowest vibrational rate.

Since each of the seven planes of existence consists of atoms and quanta, and each plane is differentiated from the others by the vibrational rate of the matter and energy composing it, there are seven vibrational rates, each supporting a separate plane or reality or existence. There are, of course, an infinite number of these levels of consciousness, but for purposes of human understanding, we must limit our study to those seven planes which differentiate the human consciousness from all other forms of consciousness in the universe.

Atoms and energy of one rate are not in rapport with those of a different rate. The nerves of humankind's five senses are of atoms of the physical plane. For this reason the senses are not normally able to perceive the "higher" planes, although they co-exist in "space" with the physical plane.

Every person alive lives within four bodies, all interpenetrating and co-existing. These bodies function on what are known as the physical plane, the etheric, the astral, and the mental planes. For the purpose of this book, we will not deal with the higher planes in any detail.

The etheric plane is not in reality a separate plane of existence. It forms, rather, the energy foundation or pattern for all manifested physical bodies.

The astral plane is the plane of illusion, of feeling, emotion, and desire--the place where all good gestaltists go when they die. It is the plane of "spooks" and "ghosts," the plane of "heaven," "hell," and "purgatory," which represent actual states of reality or consciousness experienced by human beings who have disassociated from the body through death, the drug experience, mystical ecstasy, or in dream-sleep.

The mental plane is the plane of pure thought and bears a special relationship to both the highest planes and the lowest. Within each plane there are in turn seven levels of density, each representative of a specific level of consciousness within that plane.

When the primal energy differentiates upon the physical plane, it divides into "sub-energies," or "Rays," first becoming three (The "Father, Son and Holy Ghost") and then seven in number (The Cherubim, Seraphim, et al). The term, "Ray" is a descriptive name for a particular energy, with the emphasis on the quality which that energy, as a force, exhibits in the physical world, and not upon the form aspect which it eventually creates.

Working through the physical world these Rays, in turn, create certain ends or purposes, reflected in the human microcosm. They can be identified as characteristics of personality or "beingness."

All human history is the record of the effects of these energies or radiations as they have played through and upon humanity in the many varying states of evolutionary development, from the time of primeval man to the present. The permutations, combinations, the ebbing and flowing of the energies has formed the field of expression upon which man has evolved in science, technology, medicine, government, education, production, and the arts, through all the ages.

Every person on the planet adjusts and reacts to the inflowing energies in a manner characteristic with his or her own personality and Ray nature, according to their level of awareness or consciousness. This is how humanity as a whole utilizes or responds to the inflowing energy as it shapes the ultimate effect upon the race and on the planet itself.

The cyclic prodding of the energies is intended to unfold, synthesize, and harmonize humankind's total consciousness. As this process takes place, subtle effects are realized upon the planet itself. These effects are orchestrated by a hierarchy of advanced beings, who in ages past were in human form, and who now watch and guide with care and love as the planet progresses along an upward spiraling evolutionary cycle, to result eventually in a perfect harmony among all energy forms and conscious beings within the sphere of their influence.

From the universal perspective, energies cannot be seen as some kind of blind electrical or magnetic forces. The only conclusion that we can reach concerning the nature of energies is that the energies themselves are pure intelligence. They possess qualities which are unique to their nature. They are the life forces of still higher beings, evolved far beyond the human state. Within their "auras" or radiations, they embrace the respective families and kingdoms found in nature.

4. The Etheric Body

Underlying the physica1 body and giving it shape and form is the etheric body. It is the energy pattern, or frame, or web, of every cell, organ, muscle, limb, and the bone and blood of its dense counterpart. An etheric pattern underlies all forms in the physical, material world. The planet itself maintains its etheric counterpart, the sum total of the etheric forms of its countless lesser lives above, upon and within it.

The etheric body is the intermediary, the bridge between the outer physical world and the inner worlds. Each part of the physical body is in constant and unending communication with every other part of the body through the network of circulating energy within the etheric body. Every individual etheric body is in contact with all other bodies through the basic interconnected field of energy, joining the human etheric network with the animal, the plant, and the mineral networks, as well as with the higher worlds.

This, then, accounts for such phenomena as acupuncture, telepathy, Kirlian photographic effects, psychokinesis, and psychic healing, which is simply the balancing of the energy forces within the body, disease resulting as it does from the damming up and restriction of energy flow. Psychic "surgery" involves operating not on the physical body, but on the etheric structure underlying it. Autonomic body control and dermo-optical perception operate on the same basis.

When scientists, medical researchers and psychologists understand and accept the concept of the etheric energies, much that is now unclear will become understandable and at that time, unprecedented breakthroughs will come about as a result.

Where the major energy currents of the body intersect, they form both the motivating agency of every ganglion and plexus found in the body, as well as, in the case of certain major and minor centers, locations of unique evolutionary importance. These are the centers or "chakras" which underlie and control the endocrine glands.

Conjecture concerning the etheric body is rapidly becoming guarded acceptance of the possibility that it exists. The Wall Street Journal, in an article on Kirlian photography, July 24, 1973, wrote, "Precisely what is being photographed is the subject of a growing debate among scientists. Some suggest it may be the aura of a life force allegedly visible to some mystics, but not to the unaided eyes of the ordinary observer."

Time Magazine (June 6, 1969), reported on the work of psychiatrist Augustus F. Kinzel at the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners at Springfield, Missouri. Kinzel found "circles of protection" ranging in nonviolent men up to 18 inches from the skin, and in violent men, up to 34 inches forward and 42 inches to the rear, a kind of radar effect.

Dr. Thomas Thissin of Temple University has reported great success in lowering dangerously high levels of serum bilirubin, the toxin causing Jaundice in newly born babies suffering from blood incompatibilities, through the use of phototherapy--fluorescent blue light. No one seems to know why or how it works, but the phototherapeutic effect eliminates the need for complete blood exchange transfusions. Dr. Gerald Lucy at the University of Vermont has also used the same treatment in treating premature babies.

The NEA Science Service reports that at least thirteen different conditions have been found in which, after more conventional methods failed, ultrasound has helped patients when used on muscles transmitting energy through the locomotor system. When focused on the ankle, leg, spine, or arms, the vibrations seem to ease painful ailments, including bursitis and arthritis.

The neo-Reichian movement is forcing a long overdue reexamination of attitudes that led to the discrediting of Reich's work in a more skeptical era. Reich identified what he termed "orgone" energy as universally present in all organic and inorganic systems.

The phenomena of "phantom" pain---that is, the insistence by amputees that a lost limb can be felt, can demonstrate pain, long after it has been severed, can be accounted for by hypothesizing the existence of the etheric body underlying the physical structure. When the physical limb is amputated, the flesh of the severed limb "dies" and its component atoms begin the slow return to nature. The etheric body, however, remains intact and whole. The etheric limb remains a part of the etheric body, while the detached physical limb deteriorates. All sensation originating in the etheric limb is retained and is registered through the nervous system as if the limb itself were still attached.

Similarly, the sensation which we have all felt at one time or another--that of an arm or leg "falling asleep" takes place when the etheric limb disengages from the physical limb--as the etheric and the physical bodies disengage during sleep--and a numbness is felt.

The prickling, uncomfortable sensation experienced when we attempt to restore the limb to activity results from the contact of innumerable energy: points re-establishing alignment between the etheric and the physical systems.

Color, light, sound--all have one common denominator. They are vibratory forms of energy, and because they are, the impact upon the etheric vehicle, for good or for ill, can be significant.

Scientists at the Kazakh State University at AlmaAta, Kazakhastan, have found that illnesses tend to show up in advance as a disordered play of flares from the etheric structure long before they manifest in the body physical. The Kirlians also discovered that at certain points on the surface of the skin, flares radiate more forcefully than in the surrounding areas. These points appear to match the 700 points on the surface of the skin charted by the ancient acupuncturists.

The rate at which "bioplasma," or etheric energy, fluctuates appears to vary according to the colors which are near it; this relates to both the healing possibilities of sound and color through the etheric body, and to the phenomena of dermo-optical perception, by which certain individuals can sense newsprint and read pages of text as well as identify colors by placing an elbow, a hand, or virtually any skin surface within a few inches of the experimental surface.

The Bardo-Thodol and other Sanskrit works in Yoga indicate that there are 14 principal "nadis," psychic nerves or channels, and hundreds of thousands of minor nadis, in the human body. This is the so-called, "Great Highway," an interesting analogy with the central nervous system and with the sympathetic trunks lying on either side of it.

Where the lines of force cross as they repeat in the microcosm of the human body the involutionary and evolutionary arcs of the macrocosmic body, the five centers of the spinal column and the two centers in the head are formed. Here the energies are much more potent than elsewhere, because they are concentrated and focused.

Where the lines of force cross twenty-one times, a major center is found There are seven of
these. When they cross fourteen times, minor centers are found; where they cross seven times, small centers are formed, and there are hundreds of these.

While underlying and vital to the physical body, the etheric body is not in reality a separate vehicle of consciousness. It is intimately connected with the physical and with the state of physical health in the body and is the true seat of the chakras, each of which serves a definite and distinct function and is in turn related to a separate color, a sound, a note, a physical planet in the solar system, and to one of the seven primal "rays'' of ultimate energy.

The etheric body plays an important function in retaining the memory of the dream life, and upon the kind of physical body its owner has and maintains. Like the physical body, it, too, dies and decays.

Two major roles are played by the etheric body. It absorbs the vital life energy of the universe and distributes this to and through the physical counterpart. It also acts as a bridging intermediary between the physical body and the astral body, and by so doing, it transmits the awareness of the physical senses with which it is in constant contact through the etheric brain structure, to the astral body.

Reversing the process, the etheric body transmits the higher consciousness from the astral and other planes "down," into, and through the physical brain, and through the nervous system. This is how we pick up "hunches," "urges," "inspirations," and "ideas." We do not know where they have come from, or how, but they appear in our minds as ours and often as unique to us, but they have often been implanted in our etheric consciousness by greater intelligences no longer in physical expression.

In this way, great thinkers, creators, philosophers, artists, inventors, engineers have gained inspiration from great minds, once in human life. All human being in the physical body are unknowingly sensitive channels to one degree or another. The more sensitive a person is to these "inner voices," the greater the accomplishments on the physical plane.

This is not to say that our own unique genius cannot or will not modify or improve what is brought through. The fact is that there is nothing that is or ever will be that is completely new to the human mind.

The etheric body establishes the magnetic aura on which the highest impressions can play. It is the one energy structure underlying all forms of physical manifestation, establishing the means of energy radiation, the ability both to attract and to radiate, as a result of the type and the quality of energy it is transmitting through the physical form.

The etheric body must be, cannot escape being, the recipient of all energy and the mechanism by which energy is transmitted. No matter where our focus of consciousness happens to be, it is the particular quality of energy carried by the etheric body and the nadis affecting the physical body, which register in the brain cells, triggering messages throughout the nervous system and impelling the physical body into activity.

We know that if we are caught up in an emotional storm or reaction, the physical body is shaken and the pulse rate is increased because emotional energy coursing through the astral body is being transmitted through the etheric body and immediately affecting the nervous system and the glands in the physical body.

Aura Kirlian photography will eventually demonstrate the accuracy of statements such as "green with jealousy," "red with anger," "blue" moods, for with intense emotions there is a change not only in the intensity of energy flow, but also in the general color of the aura itself.

And what is illness? What is disease?

All physical disorders have their roots in the blocking or the damming of the energy flow of the body--or in some cases, too free a flow, most often in or near vital organs. The flow is disturbed, disrupted, unbalanced, as a result of thought, eventually works through the physical body as a pain or as an organic disturbance of some kind. This is the true nature of cancerous growths, cirrhosis,

heart failures, headaches, gout, and the host of illnesses and disorders to which humankind is subject. By the nature and the quality of our thought, we live-and we die.

When we begin to understand the concept of the etheric body, we will understand much more than we do today of the nature of illnesses and cures, and of sleep and of rest, as well.

Each night, when we "fall" asleep, we experience the release of the etheric body--and the astral body--from the physical body, into the cosmic world. There the etheric body or "double," as it is often termed, hovers, close to the physical, and connected to it by a silvery cord of etheric material, literally a lifeline, joined through the diaphragm. In this period, the etheric body is recharged with life forces energizing the physical body for the approaching period of daylight activity.

At what we call "death," the silver lifeline is severs, preventing the re-entry of the etheric body and any further reintegration with the physical. With sudden death or unconsciousness, the shock or impact disengages the etheric body, the impulse originating in the heart and transmitted through the vagus nerve.

5. The Chakras

The seven centers or chakras play a key role in the evolutionary development of humankind. Each of the centers is related to certain types of incoming. When the incoming energy is not related to a center, then that center remains relatively quiet, stable and unawakened. When the energy is related and the center is sensitive to its impact, then the center becomes vibrant and receptive and
develops as a controlling center in the life of the person on the physical plane.

Each center corresponds to and motivates one of the endocrine glands:

Head Center


Center between the Eyes


Throat Center


Heart Center


Solar Plexus Center


Base of the Spine Center


In the average human today, the centers below the diaphragm are active and functioning, as is the heart center. Many human beings are responding to the results of stirring activity in the throat center, while a much smaller number, in particular those who are gifted clairvoyantly, are experiencing the activation of the center between the eyes.

The solar plexus center controls the emotional life; the sacral center, sexual activity. In the average person, incoming energy follows a prescribed and circular route. The higher centers are cut off from the lower centers by a "web" of etheric matter, blocking the passage of energy directly between the pineal and the pituitary center. A similar 'web" blocks the direct flow of energy from the base of the spine center, the seat of the traditional "Kundalini Fire," to the head center.

Clairvoyance manifests when the web of etheric energy lying between the pineal and the pituitary begins to dissolve. This can happen slowly, through evolutionary and spiritual development, or as a result of shock or accident of some kind. Using chemical and natural hallucinogens can also affect the webs, but unless the person has been prepared
for the sights, sounds, and beings encountered in altered states the results can be highly traumatic and even dangerous, if not deadly.

The phenomenon of "cosmic consciousness," or "illumination," that is, the assumption of all knowledge as a consequence of a single "burst of light" in the head, described by countless mystics over the centuries, is a result of the dissolution of the etheric web separating the head center from the base of the spine center, the seat of the Kundalini Fire, the most powerful of the creative forces of the body.

When this takes place, the Kundalini Fire rises upward along the spinal column, enters the brain, and joins with the head center. At this point a psychic, spiritual, and psychological transformation takes place in the person, who instantly becomes a different being. a person now connected openly and consciously with the energy field of the entire universe, to its sights, sounds and feelings.

This event takes place so infrequently among present day humanity that the few who have experienced this will seldom talk about the experience or even admit to its happening. When it occurs accidentally, as it sometimes may through some accidental impact or blow, or through drug stimulation, and the person is not prepared physically and psychologically, the result is almost certainly extreme psychosis, and more often, death. This is why certain forms of yoga which concentrate on activating the Kundalini forces can be extremely dangerous for the Western practitioner.

The experience described here is the basis of the ancient "initiatory rites," and the "mysteries," in which selected candidates were schooled over many years of preparation to undergo the "raising of the Fire." When the time came, initiate priests activated the transformation of energy. From that time on, if he did not die in the effort, the postulate became possessed of superhuman powers, among them the power to heal, to levitate matter, to leave the physical body consciously at will, to call upon the forces of nature to accomplish any act or purpose, and to create matter from energy.

In the wrong hands, these powers can be and were totally destructive, as in the case of the downfall of earlier civilizations of humankind, among them the cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria, the earliest of all.

The stones of the pyramids of Egypt and the great stone walls of the Incas, as well as the monoliths of Easter Island were transported and placed by the powers of the initiate priests who were able to practice psychokinesis on a scale far beyond our simple laboratory experiments of today. Absurd though this may seem, everyone who has witnessed a metal key bending while in the company of Uri Geller must at least accept the possibility of such an immense and awesome power.

The evolutionary developments within humankind over the coming several centuries wi1l see the gradual stimulation and activation of the higher centers. In time, when the throat center and the center between the eyes have been fully awakened, clairvoyance and other extrasensory phenomena will be commonplace. All children will be born with the ability to converse telepathically, to perceive events at a distance, to travel in time forward and back, and to affect matter with mind.

The cultural impact of these inborn powers will create a totally new kind of civilization. International diplomacy and intrigue will disappear, for every person will know the intentions of all others. A new interdependence, compassion and concern for hurmankind never before known, will evolve.

There are growing indications that this development may not require several hundreds of years, but may now be a matter of only a few generations.

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