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Ageless Wisdom:
The Timeless Psychology

by Al Mankoff


© Copyright, 1976, 1998, 1999 by Al Mankoff.

Certain portions of this manuscript are based on material originally appearing in the magazine, The Beacon, published by Lucis Press, Ltd. London. Other material, appearing in Chapter 14, is reproduced from works of Alice Bailey, and appears with the permission of the publishers, The Lucis Publishing Company, of New York City. To these sources, and to the helpers, both seen and unseen, who brought this book to physical reality, we are now and will forever be, most deeply grateful. -- The Author

Audrey, my loving companion through all time.


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1. Humankind in Transition 6. The Astral Body 11. Rebirth
2. Human Consciousness 7. Reincarnation and Karma 12. Humanity at the Threshold
3. The Nature of Humankind 8. Human Birth, Infancy, Adolescence and Growth 13. The Years to Come
4. The Etheric Body 9. The Creative Nature of Human Thought 14. The Great Invocation
5. The Chakras 10. Human Death and the After Death Life 15. A Student's Affirmation

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11. Rebirth

The impulse for rebirth has been felt.

The vortex of time and space is drawing you on.

You have been free of time and space.

Now you begin to "see" the years ahead, the era of human time, the conditions which will prevail, the national experience, the race, the sex, and the major social and cultural opportunities awaiting you.

Somewhere in that range of options, you also see and choose the biological parents who can best provide the learning environment necessary for the your greatest possible growth and for the working through of your unredeemed Karma. Often your choice of parents, friends and even protagonists have been prearranged. Cosmic "contracts" among souls to take on burdens or extraordinary obligations so that one or more may experience great growth are frequent. Soul families exist, groups of souls trading roles in life after life, so that a beloved grandmother in one life may become a harsh taskmaster in another life, a father a daughter in another life. Groups of souls incarnating in the historical past often return again and again in human time, in order to accomplish great good--or what appears to be great wrong--for humankind.

The empire builders who built ancient Rome and brought it to glory reappeared to found and build the British Empire. When empires must be fashioned the great builders and engineers, the scientists, the philosophers and creative geniuses come in as groupings to bring about major advances in the human condition. The great advances in technology of modern times have come about because we are seeing the rebirth of the greatest minds of the Atlantean era, on a higher but not necessarily more enlightened turn of the spiral. Genetic experiments contributing to the destruction of Atlantis are being repeated in this age.

Whether our response to this technology will be different from the past will determine much of our future well being as a race.

The recent widespread interest of younger people in Eastern philosophy and religion came about because many of these devoted young men and women were for several lives past rooted deeply in the ascetic practices and beliefs of the East. They are now incarnating in the Western framework at a time when we are mired more deeply in a materialistic value system than ever before. They are here to learn to cope with the Western pattern of values, to master life in the material framework and hopefully, influence the opportunities for change which lie immediately ahead.

Once the particular human time and place for birth is established for your next incarnation, the long cycle is consummated.

You find yourself hovering in the vicinity of your mother-to-be from the time of conception onward.

Your auras are intermingled, and this is why so many people sense a difference in a woman when she is carrying new life in her body, why she so often seems to glow with new joy and power.

The fetus is built, slowly and carefully, under intelligent control. Every atom, every molecule is brought from nature to take its proper place and function. Physical limitations, if required, are programmed by the modification of DNA and the genetic structure by manipulating the etheric pattern underlying the physical. Whatever is needed for the life-to-be is created. In one sense, the fetus is programmed for all of its major experiences.

After birth, free will can at any point modify the program or otherwise affect it as the variables of life itself and human relations kick in. The personality retains free choice, though the choices made do not always correspond with the wishes or needs of the soul or with the particular life plan in place from the beginning.

When physical birth comes, when the fetus emerges and the first breath is drawn, the soul enters the body and the consciousness expands to fill the small, struggling physical form. A new human experience begins. Within the tiny, helpless body lies the wisdom of centuries of human life, the distilled potential of all that it is to become, recorded in these few pounds of matter infused with life. Here is the miracle of human existence, all that we have been, all that we are, and all that we are to become, for as long as we are to remain human.

12. Humanity at the Threshold

There may appear to be little more that can be said. What we have described here so briefly covers the cosmic history of humankind and what we know of the reality of human existence. We have not written of times to come. yet there is much information available, if we but take the time to read, investigate, and interpret what is there. A wise man has said,

"Peace is not needing to know what will happen next."

Perhaps we should leave you now in peace, welcome you to the Threshold, and let it go at that.

Much has been written dealing with the world to come, of conditions facing the human race in the years to come. In a remarkable series of books written between 1920 and 1940, Alice Bailey correctly foresaw present conditions. Not a prophet or a seer, she nevertheless provided a structure for a knowledge well worth expressing in this time, and in time to come. In 1936, Alice Bailey wrote,

"The young people now coming into incarnation and those who will come during the next century will prove themselves well equipped to handle the problems of sex because they will see more clearly than the older generation and will think in wider terms than is common today....

"They will be more group conscious and less individualistic and selfish. They will be more interested in new ideas than in the ancient theologies and will be freer from prejudice and less intolerant than are the bulk of well, meaning people today....

"Psychology is just beginning to come into its own, and only now is its function beginning to be understood. In one hundred years time, it will be the dominating science, and the newer educational systems based on scientific psychology will have completely superseded our modern methods. The emphasis in the future will be on determining a person's life purposes, and this will be brought out through the understanding of the ray nature."

(Quoted with permission of the Lucis Trust, from A Treatise On The Seven Rays, Volume 1, P. 293-294, by Alice A. Bailey)

13. The Years to Come

Other developments coming in the near future will include:

The scientific proof of the existence of the human soul, through a discovery in the techniques of radio transmission and reception

Recognition of the continuity of consciousness after death, with direct and irrefutably accurate communication a reality.

Incoming energies of a highly potent nature are affecting the sacral centers of humanity as a whole. As a result of this, the sex life of humankind is presently temporarily over stimulated, but at the same time there is also an impulse toward fusion and synthesis in the affairs of humankind. This will be reflected in business, religion, politics, and education.

Groups will form, as never before, to become active in every aspect of human growth.

The new age will be an age of group consciousness. These words, written almost fifty years ago, have a strangely contemporary ring to them:

"Just as there is a veil called the etheric web dividing off the various forces in the human body and protecting the head centers from the astral world, so there is a web separating the world of physical life and the astral life. This web will be destroyed slowly and certainly by the play of the cosmic rays upon our planet. The etheric web which is found between the centers in the spine and which is found at the top of the head is destroyed in man's mechanism by the Kundalini Fire. The changing cosmic rays will have the same effect on the body of the planet, the earth. It is an event which the sensitives of the world prophecy as an immediate happening."

(Quoted with permission of The Lucis Trust from A Treatise On The Seven Rays, Volume 1, page 370, by Alice A. Bailey)

What Mrs. Bailey is telling us with these words is that dramatic breakthroughs are imminent involving what we have recorded about the human soul and the continuity of consciousness following physical death. We are on the verge of an extraordinary revolutionary development in the human eye. Great numbers of human beings will begin to see the activities and the beings existing on the astral plane. This development will take place in so many people, and the descriptions they will offer of astral life and personages will be so consistent and accurate that their accounts will of necessity be accepted. Not only that, but the great inpouring of cosmic energies will bring about significant physiological changes in the human mechanism itself, so that after the turn of the century, we will become literally a new race of humanity. Also, written by Mrs. Bailey in the year 1934, more than sixty years ago:

"Three great discoveries are imminent during the next two generations and will revolutionize modern thought and life. One is already sensed and is the subject of experiment and investigation: the releasing of the energy of the atom. A second discovery will grow out of the present investigations as to light and color. The effect of color on people and animals and units in the vegetable kingdom will be studied and the result of these studies will be the development of etheric vision, or the power to see the next grade of matter with a strictly physical eye.

"Increasingly, people will think and talk in terms of light, and the effect of the coming developments in this department of human thought will be triple: people will possess etheric vision; the vital or etheric body lying as the inner structure of the outer forms will be seen and noted and studied in all kingdoms of nature. This will break down all barriers of race and distinctions of color. The essential brotherhood of man will be established. We shall see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and of power.

"The age and status of men in regard to the ladder of evolution will be noted and will become objectively apparent. The relative capacities of old souls and young souls will recognized, thereby reestablishing on earth the rule of the enlightened. These developments will be the work of the scientists of the next two generations and the result of their efforts. Their work with the atom of substance and their investigation in the realm of electricity, light, and of power must inevitably demonstrate the relation between forms and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms.

"The third development which will be the last to take place will be more strictly in the realm of what the occultists call 'white magic'. It will grow out of the study of sound and the effects of sound and will put into mans' hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation. Through the use of sound the scientist of the future will bring about his result. Through sound a new field of discovery will open up. The sound which every form in al kingdoms of nature gives forth will be studied and known, and changes will be brought about, and new forms will be developed through its medium. One hint only may I give here, and that is that the release of energy in the atom is linked to this new coming science of sound. In the immediate future, much will be communicated about sound and color and of the effect these two forces have on the etheric bodies of men and animals and flowers. When what they have to impart is apprehended by the race, physical ills and sickness will be offset.

(Quoted with permission of The Lucis Trust from A Treatise On White Magic, p.333-335, by Alice A. Bailey.)

"[advanced beings]. . .will teach humanity to see etherically, and this will be done by heightening human vibrations by interaction with their own. They will give instruction in the effect of color in the healing of disease and particularly the efficiency of violet light in lessening human ills and in curing those physical plane sicknesses originating in the etheric body.

"They will also demonstrate to the materialistic thinkers of the world the fact that the superconscious world exists and that angels and men who are out of incarnation and possess no physical bodies can be contacted and known. They will train human beings in the knowledge of superhuman physics so that weight for them shall be transmuted. Motion will become more rapid. Speed will be accompanied by noiselessness and smoothness and hence fatigue will be eliminated. In the human control of etheric levels lies the overcoming of fatigue and the power to transcend time.

"They will teach humanity how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food. Man will concentrate his attention upon the etheric body and the work and the health of the of the physical body will become increasingly automatic. "They will also teach human beings as individuals and as a race to expand the consciousness to include the superphysical . . . and this will be recognized as a fact in nature by the scientist.

"Through the increasing sensitivity of men and through the steady thinning of the separating veil, more and more during the coming years will the telepathic faculties of men and their power to respond to inner inspiration be developed and demonstrated by the growth of intuition and telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of color and sound . . ."

(Quoted with permission of The Lucis Trust, from The Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 503-509, by Alice A. Bailey.)

Other future developments seen are the eventual solution of present world conflict, the development of a new art, expressing a sensitive response to ideas, and the understanding of diseases or the physical ills of the highly developed people of the world. Marcus Aurelius wrote,

"To see the things of the present moment is to see all that is now, all that has been since time began, and all which shall be unto the world's end, for all things are of one kind, and of one form."

What we have discussed here, extraordinary as it may seem at this moment in time, will one day be viewed as commonplace. Outrageous though our theme may appear to traditionally oriented readers, researchers, clinicians, or academics, we believe that any of these ready and willing to examine what we have presented here objectively and free of prejudice must admit that the concepts are not at heart incompatible with any existing religious or scientific paradigms, but represent a logical extension, a broadening of thought and in scope, of what is presently known and accepted.

By offering this information in a logical framework we are challenging interested researchers and thinkers, and saying,

"Here is a pathway, a corridor, a threshold. Ahead are a number of doors. Take these keys we offer you, if you wish, and choose the doors you wish to open, the rooms you wish to explore. Open them, and step through."

We suspect, but we cannot tell you for any certainty, what it is that you will find on the other side. This is for you to find, to search, to explore, to study and to learn. And when you have learned, when you have made your discoveries, bring back the truth of what you have seen.

For those readers who are not researchers, clinicians, or academics, we also say, "Here is a threshold. Here are the keys. There are the doors. Go, if you wish, and explore. Bring back what you choose, and if it is your wish, use it for the betterment of humankind."

We do not know for certain what the future will bring; we do know and know with certainty that we are live in extraordinary times. The newspapers and television demonstrate this each day, and our own experiences confirm it with every passing moment. Some see Armageddon under every rock. Doomcriers repeat the litanies of depression, starvation, nuclear confrontation, ecological suicide and political anarchy. We are so focused in these thought forms that we may yet, as a race, bring this about. Yet, we know that we have a choice. We know that through cooperation rather than through competition we can, if we choose, solve most the problems facing us today within a few generations.

Humankind, too, stands at a threshold. The energies directed through us by the Higher Beings can be transmuted and applied by us either for enormous good, for the rebuilding and revitalization of the planet and of all who call it home, or it can be used for our absolute and utter destruction. This is clear and understandable to every thinking man, woman and child, in every nation and in every culture. There is no mystery about it. The choice lies not with a remote and dispassionate God, or with the Higher Beings who watch and who guide, nor with our own Guides and Teachers on the discarnate planes.

The choice is ours. It's our responsibility. Only we can decide.

Time is growing pitifully short. Each year, each month, each day that passes brings us closer to the final tick of the clock.

The eye of Destiny is on you now.

The finger points, and asks,

"How say you?"


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God,

Let light stream forth into the minds of men,

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God,

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known,

Let purpose guide the little wills of men,

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men,

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out, and

May it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and power restore the plan on earth.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A Student's Affirmation

The Power of the Universe flows through and energizes my body.

Good health, strength and vitality are mine, to carry on the work of the Universe in whatever way is needed.

I am always the receiver of the energy needed and I am always the dispenser of energy needed.

The supply is endless; my capacity as a Child of the Universe is endless.

I am a receiver of Life, a giver of Life, in an endless circle.

This has been and always will be so.

The good things of the Earth flow to me and through me. I am never in need.

My abundance is shared with those with whom I come in contact, and their needs are met.

The energy of the Universe carries sustenance to me and through me according to the need.

The vacuum thus created guarantees a continuous pulsing chain of action and reaction.

I am a receiver of abundance, a giver of abundance, in an endless circle.

This has been and always will be so.

The energy of the Universe flows through and energizes my heart and love center.

I am always aware that the Christ in me is the Christ in everyone I meet and there is a flow of love between me and my fellow man in this recognition.

Good will, tolerance, and love are my shield and my weapon.

No one can stay in my sphere of influence and not be warmed by it.

No one can come into my sphere of influence and harm me.

We and the Universe are one.

This has been and always will be so.

The energy of the universe flows through and energizes my Wisdom center.

That which I need to know will be directed to me.

Those influences that are needed will be drawn to me.

Those lessons I need to know and grow in will be directed to me.

The Universe will hone my intellect and teach me in the way I must go.

Those in my sphere of influence will accept or reject, but will know, because of my life, what they are accepting or rejecting.

The energy of the Universe strengthens and conditions me to service.

This has been and always will be so.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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